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American Adventure Theme Park in 1990

n571531807_1385791_4886l would like to thank a freind of mine Gordon Clinton-Lindop for allowing me to use these photographs of American adventure.

They were taken during the 1990 season and I know from comments to the site and emails its a park allot of people have missed.

I only got to visit the park once during its operation and that was the year before it closed.

The Vekoma boomerang coaster featured on the left  hand side was once classed as Britains best coaster after it opened in 1989.

For anyone that have never been to American Adventure theme park, it was built on the site of an old open cast coal mine and centered around a huge lake in the middle of the park. Some people believe the demise of the park came in 2005 when they re-themed the park as a family park and got rid of the white knuckle rides  including the Vekoma Boomerang coaster they named “the missile’.





Bottom of the first hill, beginning the slow pull back.




Buffalo ride.


I’m guessing this photograph was taken from the wheel. In the distance the log ride and balloons (far left)


Helter Skelter.



A view across the huge lake.




Thanks again to Gordon Clinton-Lindop for the use of the photographs.

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  1. I remember I went the first year Nightmare Niagara opened but it wasn’t running that day – gutted! I never did get back.

    Didn’t they have some Granada Studios type ride at some point as well?

  2. Hi Jimmy Mac,
    Yes they had the motion master ride from the studios tour, im sure the studios ran it as an alien themed attraction.


  3. The Missile lives on at Pleasure Wood Hills, the ride has had a complete refurb and is now called “Wipeout” – the park also features a rare Schwakopf “Jumbo V” coaster which is quite a rarity – its not dis-similar to a Jet Star really.

    Granada Studio’s also had another ride – a coaster called “Skytrack” – My friend runs an engineering company in Salford and they did a lot of work on Skytrack for them – I think it was a sort of mini “flying coaster” – I have no idea where it went once the tours closed though.

  4. I worked at the American Adventure for 4 years (1990-1993) if anyone has any questions I will do my best to answer them. also if any else who worked there would like to get in touch feel free.

  5. I went there once or twice, I don’t remember much about it aside from The Missile, but it was a long time ago.

  6. Haha good times i had there when i was a kid, im 20 now. but i live 30mins from the site so used to get season pass and spend summer there with mates chilling on rides..good memories; 10 of us in being 8! LOL.

  7. Just been looking at the photo’s. I wanted to let you know I maintained the Missile and overhauled it EVERY winter for about 10 years. I was made redundant when the park closed – even now 3 years later I still miss the old place -AND ALWAYS WILL!!!

  8. hi , i remember this park with some affection , i live less then an hour from where it was , just to note The Runaway Train was bought by James Mellors a Nottingham Showman and he has converted it to a travelling ride making it’s debut at this years (the 717th)Nottingham goose fair , it is claimed to be the largest travelling ride to date

  9. The pictures of The Missile couln’t have been taken in 1990. The ride was originally all white and wasn’t painted its blue and grey colour scheme until the mid 90s. I have a 1994 guide book where it is still all white :)

  10. I sneaked in this place at the weekend with the Mrs and the dog’s. Was really strange being there, it was massively overgrown with bushes and trees. Nothing remained other than old footings of the buildings. There was a family playing on a quad bike and quite a few people fishing in the lake geared up for the night so there must be some decent fish in there?

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