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New Water ride announced for Center Parcs

Center Parcs is set to make even bigger waves this year as a new, unique family water ride takes shape at Elveden Forest.

This will be the first of its kind to be created anywhere in the world, costing approximately £4m to build.

A sneak preview of this exciting ride will be revealed at on Wednesday 30th May.


Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Superbowl dodgems building demolished.

As part of the plans to relocate the superbowl dodgem cars at Blackpool Pleasure Beach the existing building has been demolished this week.


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Blackpool Pleasure Beach 2009 – Last day of the main Season

November 8th 2009 the final day of the main season for Blackpool Pleasure beach. A season thats seen many up and downs with closed rides and rumours of a Beaver Creek takeover by Nickelodeon just for starters. This short video was put together on the final day at a trip I attended with Club Pleasure Beach.

YouTube Preview Image

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Lightwater Valley Rapids for 2009


New for the 2009 season at Lightwater Valley is a rapid ride rented from Showman James Mellor. The ride will be at the park for the 2009 season after which point both parties will review it’s suitability for the park.

I visited the park in April on a warmish day and the ride has a constant queue with at least 15/20 minute wait times, I can imagine this will get alot bigger over the coming summer months when the temperatures rise in the UK.

The ride has took the place of the Pinfari Grizzly Bear coaster which stood at the park from 2004, this ride has since been sold. I certainly wont miss it.

This update contains approximately 25 photographs taking during April at the park.

2008 Golden ticket awards winners

The Golden Ticket Awards are presented to the “Best of the Best” in
the amusement industry calculated from an international poll conducted
by Amusement Today. Surveys were sent to a database of experienced and
well-traveled amusement park fans around the world  in balanced geographical regions asking them to rate the “bests” in 25categories such as “amusement parks,” “roller coasters,” “shows,” “friendliest staff” and “water rides.” The 2008 winners are …

Ridemad forum now open

Hi, I have created a forum to add to the site today. I have had so many emails over the past few months about the site I havent been able to keep up so apologies to anyone if I havent responded. If anyone has any questions or feedback about the site then please register with the forum and ask away. If you still want to get in touch of the forum then just use the contact form on the main page. Thanks.

Link to the forums

New look for the Haunted one.

For anyone that’s a fan of dark rides especially the Haunted House or as its now known Duel at Alton towers there is only one real source for information about this ride and thats the haunted one website which has been updated recently.

There’s obviously alot of fans out there as we got together some time ago and wrote an article based on a behind the scenes tour and some history which was provided by the haunted one, this article is one of the most popular on this website with consistently over 1,500 views a month.

If you havent seen the site lately, check it out.

Good luck with the new site Mik, im sure it will be a great success.

Former Pleasureland site for regeneration

Developer Urban Splash has been chosen for the multi million pound regeneration of the former Southport Pleasureland site. The land known locally as Southport Marine park will be used to create a new attraction featuring a wide range of activities.

A decision will be made later in the year to draw up a masterplan to take the activities forward. Heres the full text from the BBC.

Lightwater Valley pricing structure for 2008

I was looking at the Lightwater Valley website earlier and for 2008 they have a very intresting pricing option which is bound to save some visitors a fair bit of money.

If you book in advance you can get park admission for as little as £7.95 a great saving on the current 2008 gate price of £16.95, based on been over 1.3m.

Lightwater Valley has some great attractions and although its not as big as other theme parks like Alton Towers its a great option for a day out if you are in that part of the country.

Oakwood sold to the Aspro Group

After numerous rumours over the past few months it was finally confirmed yesterday that Oakwood theme park in Narberth, Pembrokeshire was sold to European Leisure group the Aspro Group. Aspro Group a leading leisure group in Europe already own a couple of attractions in the UK including the Blue Planet aquarium in Ellesmere port. They also own the popular Aqualand parks across France, Spain, Portugal as well as numerous other attractions in Finland, Switzerland and Belgium. Oakwood celebrated the parks 20th birthday last year. heres the full text from the Western Telegraph.

Alton Towers prepares for Scarefest 13th October – 4th November

After the much publicised legal case surrounding Alton Towers and its neighbours the park is going all out to create a fantastic Halloween event this year called Scarefest. The event which will run from 13th October through to the 4th November will feature all manor of ghastly goings on.

A variety of events aimed at younger children which includes a pumpkin patch and trick or treat doors. Plus hotel guests also have access to spooky bedtime stories and trick or treat trail.

For kids a little braver they have a Halloween show in the park and various characters Patch, Frank, Skelvin and Phil. Plus fancy dress and a trick or treat trial.

New Pleasureland’s Coaster not far from completion.

I had a look at the status of the latest coaster to new Pleasureland in Southport this afternoon. The coaster originally from Camelot where it was named Gauntlet was dismantled and moved to new pleasureland in the last few months. The new coaster is part of the first investment in static rides we have seen at the park since it opened earlier in the summer.

Before Camelot the coaster was based at Dreamland in Margate where it was known as the ‘looping star’. The coaster is 1197ft long, has a height of 36ft and contains one loop which is 31ft high. Looking at those stats it wont make enthusiasts travel but the general public will surely appreciate another attraction at new pleasureland.

New Pleasureland gets an Ice Rink

I spent a couple of hours at new pleasureland today and noticed they have just installed a new ice rink. The Ice rink is located in the Abdullah’s amusement arcade area and is operated by Vitrathene LTD who are based in Southport.

The surface is synthetic and is made from polyethylene tiles which are joined together to form the ice rink.

The afternoon we visited there wasnt that many people about and the park was quiet im sure this gets very busy during school holidays though.

A Dark time for Dark Rides.

We seem to see more and more classic rides disappearing these days. Over in the US enthusiasts are having a pretty tough time coming to terms with loosing some classic rides over the last year, and the plans for the future don’t look to good either.Any Dark Ride fans will have come across George LaCross and Bill Luca’s excellent website Laffinthedark, It has a wealth of information for all enthusiasts interested in this genre of ride.

Camelots nightmare with Knightmare

I heard Camelot were opening Knightmare today so ignored the weather forecast and made the 30 minute trip to the park. Knightmare had been advertised on Local radio as well as taking some prime TV commercial slots in the granada region yesterday evening.

Blackpools Noahs Ark Paint job May 2007

May 2007 – Blackpools Noahs ark is getting the second part of a much needed paint job to the exterior. The ark is just over 85 years old and considering the Blackpool climate has survived pretty well since the hey days of 1922. The first part of this work took place at around the same time in 2006 with alot of the exterior animals, policeman and Mt Ararat been spruced up. At one point during the 2006 touch up Noah was left headless for a couple of weeks. For some reason perhaps budget the paint job was never completed. Heres a bunch of pictures taking on May 12th. As usual if you have any comments please dont hesistate to get in touch.

Blackpool’s Infusion Coaster open

Now open, click here to see a complete behind the scenes tour

I love watching new rides take shape and infusion is no different. Ever since pleasure beach announced the closure of pleasureland and the replacement ride for the Blackpool log flume ive been heading up to Blackpool every couple of weeks to check the status at first the log flume demolition up until today when the ride is almost in service. Ive heard today from 3 different ride ops that infusion will open on Wednesday 2nd May 2007.

Apologies for the quality of the photographs, they were all taken with a mobile phone.

Infusion update 25/02/2007

I took a quick visit to blackpool this afternoon mainly to get out of the house but also to take a look at the current status of Infusion the parks new coaster for 2007. The track is almost complete now, with only a few pieces left to complete the jigsaw. Anyway heres a few of the pictures I took, sorry about the lighting in some it was very overcast.

UK Theme park and Amusement park opening dates 2007

Well its that time of year, when were all bored waiting for the 2007 season to kick off again in Febuary. Ive been trawling the web looking for dates of the last few days, anyway heres a complete list off the parks I have links to and the opening times for 2007.

Blackpool’s new ride for 2007, Construction begins

Pleasure beach Blackpool have started construction on a new ride for 2007, The Traumatizer a Vekoma SLC is currently been brought over to Blackpool from Southport pleasureland which was closed recently. The ride will be constructed over the winter months, the name is yet unknown but now the log flume site has been cleared the JCB’s have moved in and have started digging out the foundations.

To the left of this image, the old log flume ride station is now completely flattened.