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Ghost Hunting at Alton Towers

I recently had the chance to go ghost hunting at Alton Towers. It was an event I originally booked back in 2010 but for health reasons I was unable to attend. I have loved Alton Towers from the first time I went as a child many, many years ago and when I realised they did out of hours ghost hunting events it was something I had to do.

The event was booked through Haunted Happenings who are one of the UK’s premier ghost hunting companies. We arrived at Alton towers for 9pm and were advised by security to drive through the park and park the car next to the towers near the lake (this is eery in itself).

After stocking up on coffee for the long night ahead we sat through the safety breifing with the staff and went through the timetable of events for the evening.

Split into groups we were dispersed to various parts of the towers so at all times each group leader knew where the other groups are (no point in hearing footprints from another room when 20 people are walking about).


Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester

This is how they make legoHaving opened at the end of March 2010 we decided to visit the Legoland Discovery Center in Manchester with friends a week after opening. Legoland discovery center is located in the Barton Square quarter of the Trafford center and has ample parking space at Barton square. If you park at the Trafford center its a 5-10 minute walk through to Barton Square.

As you would expect from Legoland the attraction boasts a huge amount of things to do for kids of all ages and adults with a 4d cinema showing a couple of films (I personally recommend Bob the Builder) an interactive dark ride, factory tour showing the lego making process which the kids help along with and numerous models on display and areas to build and test your own creations. The attraction also has cafe serving hot and cold drinks and snacks and for the little ones a soft play area. Model making classes/tutorials are held during the day with kids been taught by the professionals how to build a variety of models.


Drayton Manor Christmas 2009


After enjoying a great day at Drayton Manor last Christmas we repeated the experience again this year, the kids will shortly be coming to the age when Drayton Manor and Thomas land will no longer be cool so I intend to visit these Christmas events as much as possible.

The event changed slightly this year with the big top christmas pantomine show getting replaced by a show in Thomas land with singing and festive activities taking the center of this.

As with last year they had more snow and the children and adults in the audience really enjoyed this, the snow although synthetic made a great day even better and really gives you that festive wake up call that’s been missing the previous 11 months of the year.

The zoo, 4d cinema and Thomasland were open and unlike last year the amount of food available on site was varied and most tastes catered for.

Big Wheel at Liverpool One, Liverpool

IMG_2141I was fortunate enough to get to ride the Big Wheel that has been installed in Liverpool one at the weekend. The wheel sited on Chavasse Park and clearly visible from the Liverpool waterfront will stay at this site until the end of January.

Ride tickets are £6 for adults and kids over 1.4m in height. £5 for concessions and £36 for a private gondola and for the really extravagant £40 for the private VIP gondola. Each gondola seats 6 people apart from the VIP one which only seats 4.

The wheel is 60 metres high but because of its elevated position it stands 80 metres about ground level.

The Wheel takes 10 riggers a week to build and is transported from site to site on 11 trucks.

On the day we rode it the wind was very strong and the gondolas do rock about a fair bit especially a height. but saying that we really enjoyed it and the great views of the city and would definitely ride again on my next visit to Liverpool.

Follow the post below and take a look at the rest of the photographs and video to accompany this.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach 2009 – Last day of the main Season

November 8th 2009 the final day of the main season for Blackpool Pleasure beach. A season thats seen many up and downs with closed rides and rumours of a Beaver Creek takeover by Nickelodeon just for starters. This short video was put together on the final day at a trip I attended with Club Pleasure Beach.

YouTube Preview Image

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Southport Lakeside Miniature Railway

Picture 082

Originally built by G.V. Llewellyn in 1911 the Southport lakeside miniature railway has been operating for nearly 100 years on the site alongside the marine lake in Southport. The first train ran on the 25th may 1911 when the railway was called Llewellyn’s miniature railway after the builder and creator, this was later renamed to the Southport lakeside miniature railway as it’s known today.

The original route was a straight line which was extended in 1938 to add a sharp turn under the pier into the second station on the line the Marine Parade Station. The original station at this end of the line was called Princess Park which was closed when the extension and Marine Parade stations were built.

Drayton Manor, Thomas land for Christmas

DSC04905We normally only visit one theme park around christmas time and that’s Gullivers world in Warrington, but for a change this year we considered visiting Drayton Manor when they announced Thomas Land would be open in the run up to Christmas.

With a promise of snow and entertainment it was too hard to resist, plus my 7 year old daughter is a comeplete Thomas addict.

Disneys Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World Resort Florida

Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Is the third of the Disney theme parks built at Walt Disney World Resort Florida, opened in 1989 originally as Disney’s MGM studios and later renamed in January 2008 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios following a long running legal case with MGM.

The park is 135 acres in size and is layed out in several lands or themed areas around a central core which in this case is a huge sorcerers hat (belonging to Mickey).The park features some major ‘dont miss’ attractions like The Hollywood Tower Hotel and Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster featuring Aerosmith.

Kennywood trip report

undefinedEver since I watched the Kennywood memories DVD ive wanted to visit this park, im a great fan of traditional parks and my favourite park in the UK is as traditional as they get Pleasure Beach Blackpool.The Pleasure beach and Kennywood management have had a relationship going back many years and when I was researching some materials at the pleasure beach the correspondance between the two parks backed this up.Another reason for me visiting Kennywood was to see the only other Noahs Ark attraction in the world which is based at Kennywood.

Kennywood is located in Pittsburgh.

Gullivers world Warrington, Christmas 2007

Whilst most of the surrounding amusement parks are closed or struggling to get visitors through the gates around the December period one park that certainly packs visitors in for Christmas is Gullivers World in Warrington.

The park just a few minutes of junction 9 on the m62 has been running christmas events for a number of years now and can get really busy during this period, not to mention extremely cold.

They offer a number of different options for Christmas, I wont list them all but they offer the same each year, you can also choose to have a meal option included and a live show.

Winter Weekends at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Just got back home after spending the afternoon at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The park are currently running a limited number of Winter weekends through to 9th December 2007.

The south side of the park (Pepsi max big one) is currently closed but nearly all attractions from the main entrance to the bridge over Watson road are open.

The one exception been the wild mouse which is currently covered in scaffolding and having some maintenance work done for next season.

So what attractions are open.

Cedar Point Trip report, 2007

I’ve been visiting amusement parks/theme parks and fairgrounds for a number of years now and like the majority of coaster/park fans in the UK the American shores have always been a place to look forward to visiting.

Putting aside the obvious Disney and Universal parks second on the list for me has always been Cedar Point, they claim its the “Best amusement park in the world”. Boasting 17 coasters and a wealth of other rides plus of course the sun shine and with the pound/dollar rates in our favour at the moment there has never been a better time to visit.

St Helens Festival 2007

I spent a few hours at Sherdley Park today for the 2007 St Helens festival. The fair was a similar size to usual and was represented by some fairly decent rides. The weather has been awful this week and getting around the showground was a bit heavy under foot. The area around the fairground full of puddles and deep trenches where the trucks have been. The festival is open the rest of today and tomorrow Sunday 8th July 2007. Here’s a handful of pictures I took.

Rhyl Ocean Beach – 2007

Rhyl Ocean beach fun fair has been rumoured to close for the last few years and everytime we think the fair is going to be flattened it bounces back for another season. Last season was no different the fair was a bit of a mess and the majority of rides outdated. To back this up news articles around the time were claiming the fun fair is no longer viable and the Ocean beach fun fair isnt part of the towns redevelopment plans.

Low and behold I write an article on my memories of the fun fair and they announce its open for the 2007 season. Typical :-)

Gullivers World Warrington, Trip Report updated for 2007

First impressions.

Gullivers Warrington is a small park situated less than 2 miles from junction 9 of the m62 and is nestled in between some housing estates. Not that you would know this when on the park as all you can see is greenery and trees. The size of the park is ideal for the audience Gullivers wants to attract – young children and families.

On entering the park, you pass through a walkthrough to have your tickets checked with a gift shop on one side and a restaurant on the other. Once through the turnstiles a stage is located on the left that usually has one of the gullivers characters dancing with a couple of young girls trying to teach the children various party dances.
Theres normally a couple of characters walking around hugging kids and having pictures taken by mum or dad.

Alton Towers, Adrenaline Week March 2007

Just got back from a long day walking around Alton Towers for this years adrenaline week event. Crowds as expected were low and queues for the majority of the big attractions were at a minimum for most of the day. It was a boys outing today, no families or partners just rides, rides and a few more rides.

Gullivers Kingdom, Matlock Bath

Gullivers have 3 parks in the UK, Warrington, Milton Keynes and Matlock. Of the 3 I have only visited 2 choosing not to take the extended journey down to Milton Keynes from the north west.

Matlock has to be the most photogenic of the parks due to its location in the lovely market town of Matlock. for those that dont know Matlock sits in a valley and has some lovely scenary all around. The park location is a bit odd as its built on a hill with various flat levels or stages leading to the top.

Camelot Theme Park Trip Report

Friendly staff dressed in costumes suiting the king Arthur theme are welcoming visitors at the entry gates. Entry to Camelot for the 2007 season is, Adult £18.00, Child £18.00, Family Ticket (valid for 4 guests £60 and Senior citizens £12.00, To save some money on ticket prices check out the link at the bottom of this article for a £6 discount. Its also worth mentioning at this point that some elderly or disabled visitors may find this park a bit hilly, you enter at one level, drop into a valley for some rides and entertainment, then come back out of the valley to a more level area for the additional rides, if you unsure about the suitability I would check with the park on 01257 455030 or check the Website.

Alton Towers, Treats and Trails

Having followed some web discussion about this event recently I thought it would be worth taking a day out of the office and giving the kids something to do for half term.

If travelling by car you are directed to the VIP parking area (no charge), walk straight through the entrance where you are given a leaflet describing whats open and how much the various attractions cost.

These range from 1 token for the smaller rides to 3 tokens to Oblivion (tokens are £1 each), you can buy the tokens at guest relations and the shop on the left of towers street. We bought £30 worth for 2 adults and 2 kids.

Blackpool comes to Warrington

I found this advert quite confusing last year as the rides in the picture promoting the event had nothing whatsoever to do with Blackpool. It was only today I realised what they actually meant was to bring some seaside fun into Warrington. As well as the rides they also had Punch and Judy, a small beach (indoors) promoted Donkey rides although i didnt see any but they did sell Blackpool Rock by the bucket load.