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Fountains at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Picture 018After hearing lots of stories coming out of pleasure beach for the last couple of weeks about the new dancing fountains it was a pleasure to finally witness them for myself on this years open day February 14th 2009.

The fountains cost an estimated 80 thousand pounds and from what ive seen they are worth every penny and make what was a empty space a great meeting place for people and are an ideal play area for children as they run and duck under the fountains much to the annoyance of parents watching.

From what I could gather the fountains operate about every fifteen minutes to various pieces of music, each show lasts for about six and half minutes. It will be nice in the summer to sit down and have a drink and watch these. Well done Pleasure Beach.

Here’s a couple of photograph’s and a video of the display taken below.

Picture 018

Picture 025

Picture 036

YouTube Preview Image

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  2. Good pictures and detailed comments with them. Will follow you in the future. Any thoughts on the new entry charges now its no longer free to get in?

  3. i aint paying to enter blackpool pleasure beach it should be free entry bpb are gonna loose customers

  4. Brilliant photographs Paul.
    I have always loved reading your site and seeing your images.
    Keep up the goodwork mate

    Peter Mowbray

  5. I have to admit I had my doubt’s about the fountains, but I really like them. They suit the area, even if they are too close to Trauma Towers (even if it is closed).


    the only thing i can really say i like about the water show is the fantastic quality of the speakers they have used.

    i sat in the new bar area watching the show, despite the fact it was raining i watched a full show, i cant really say i see much point to it,one small boy ran through the water and fell over and gave his chin a right smack as he landed, now i dont know if he slipped or tripped but perhaps its a bit iffy letting people run on a wet surface? (i know they will have some form of anti slip surface, but still).

    on the bpb website it says to watch this show is included in the new £5 entrance fee is a little cheeky, you can watch it through the gates,lol.

    i visit bpb at least twice a year and would love to see money spent more on keeping the place well maintained like changing bulbs or giving a coat of paint or even some new rides!

  7. I have just come back from Blackpool. B.P.B need to get money in as the place is showing its age. Most parts will need more than a lick of paint. I agree with an entrance fee, Alton towers and the like charge, why shouldn’t they?

    As for “letting people run on a wet surface” if anyone cares to look at the “surface” its actually made from a “steel” grid so there is no real “surface” to get wet Unlike the surrounding area. Also how are you going to stop little children running when thy see water?
    Speaking of the surrounding area the designers of this £80k fountain got one thing wrong. The height of the central jet in relation to the diameter of the pool. When the central jet is at its highest it is more than the diameter of the pool, this means that as well as when the wind catches it, its natural fall means it lands outside the catchment pool, which is why they had to add an extra drain some 6 -10 feet away from the fountain. I felt sorry for those standing in the new drain area, as when the central jet was high, they got wet.

  8. my little boy ran straight through the fountain as many others were doing we ended up in casualty all afternoon .the pressure of the jets burst a blood vessel in his eye .we thought he had lost his eye when he first emerged from the other side.

  9. Lynda, thanks for the comments. I’m presuming you know about fountains ?

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