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New Brightons Fun Fair in 2006

Like most people who grew up in the North West of England I visited New Brighton as a child and fondly remember summertime visits to the resort. The Huge open air swimming baths been the highlight of any visit.

The resort once housed an indoor fairground which at the time I thought was huge, today the indoor fairground has gone but a small fair does exist outside what was once the indoor fairground.

Here’s a brief look at whats on offer (fairground wise) for anyone considering a trip to the resort.

The Fairground today works on tokens which are available at the entrance to the fairground, tokens are available individually or discounts can be had for buying a bag full. Whichever way you buy them the kids make sure they dont last that long.

Before we look at any rides heres a view from the beach looking at the amusement centre and fairground.

There’s a couple of catering outlets on the front and a great fish and chip shop 😉

The well maintained carousel.

The Miami which is placed at the back of the fairground, that’s my daughter the only thrill seeker on the fair that day by the looks of it. After waiting for some more riders, the ride eventually starts.

They never did find any other riders. Nice artwork.

A scrambler ride and in the background the dragon childrens coaster.

There’s some childrens trampolines, I think the enclosure has 6 in total.

Kids fun house, I think he’s reading the paper :-)

The Dragon Coaster.

Lots to do for the smaller children.

A general view of the teacups and miami ride.

Im a bit of a lighthouse geek so no trip to New Brighton is complete without a look at the lighthouse.

Also included on the fair is a dodgem ride and couple of other smaller childrens rides, as the fair is a mobile one the variety of rides may change over the season, I visited a few times over the 2006 season and the rides were consistent over the season.

Yes the fairground is small and the average thrillseeker will be dissapointed but.. its about families and family fun and it provides more than enough of this.

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