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Pleasure Beach Blackpool, Sculpture Garden

New this season at Pleasure beach Blackpool is a sculpture garden installed on the location of the old dodgem ride, the dodgems have relocated to another area of the park and the building demolished to make way for the sculptures and water features. All comments as usual are welcome.






Clinic R






Replaced the waterfall on the external facia of the ark.






Heres some more information about the Sculptures from the artist who created them.

The idea behind the sculpture garden was to open up the view of the rides from the entrance which used to be obstructed by the dodgems, and to increase the flow into the Pleasure Beach. The sculpture garden is also designed to create a peaceful spot for people to meet, sit and even escape from the excitement a bit. Several of the water features and sculptures by David Harber, are surrounded by brick retaining walls at just the right height for sitting.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Sculpture Garden??

    Are there any *rides* left at BPB these days – it does seem to be the intention of the management to reduce the park to a shadow of it noisy, cluttered self…

    Is a sculpture garden really going to attract more paying customers through the gates of the park?

  2. Great pics but what the heck is a fair doing with rusty waterfalls

  3. I agree Tom. When i was looking at them on Saturday the public were just walking past

  4. They need a new rollercoaster BADLY, this looks nice, but no one will visit because of it.

  5. Superb pictures Paul, I quite like the sculptured gardens.
    It has created an area of relaxation for people that don’t want to ride.
    The aesthetics are amazing and it has taken the park to a new level.

  6. I do understand what amanda is trying to do at blackpool, opening areas up so that you can see the rides is a good idea, blackpool pleasure beach was always a cramped scruffy place unlike other big attractions like alton towers, just hope she gets rid of the silly ice shows next and not anymore rides.

  7. So have they replaced the old ‘floating’ tap? But still it is a theme park renowned for it’s roller coasters, especially its old wooden ones (but don’t get me started on the ‘Roller Coaster’ aka Velvet Coaster). In a park so compact, open spaces are not good! especially if they end up getting rid of the Space Invader Building, I think Blackpool Pleasure Beach (as I’ll always call it) needs to realise it does not have to try and be like all the other parks, it is unique in this country and it should appreciate that, but I’ve felt it is a bit deluded since they got rid of Vikingar, as I loved that ride! Fitted with Valhalla SO well if you were scared to go on it.

  8. You all clearly cannot appricate these fantastic additions to the park. PBB doesnt need a new ride desperately and PBB is being so unique with these sculptures.

  9. Granted its unique but its a fairground by the seaside that relies heavily on people visiting the park to go on the rides. The decision to remove and effectively mothball rides without replacing them is a bitter pill to follow for allot of enthusiasts. Allot of people feel the money would have been better spent towards a new ride as opposed to these sculptures. On a personal level I think the sculptures look great, i just don’t feel PBB is the right place for them. Ive been in touch with the artist about them and they are using my photographs on their own website to promote them.

  10. what the hell is going on at pbb why rip down rides that people have enjoyed for years with nothing of any use to anybody going in their place my word we need a new ride soon .

  11. Remember the Lost Rides of our Childhood….

    If you can remember any please add to the list below..i miss the old ones!. Many of which i cant remember their real names!!!

    The Enterprise
    The Fun House
    Pirate Boat
    The Rotating tower thingy now replaced with a terrible theatre or 3D ride (whatever it is this year).
    Tom Sayer Ride
    Turtle Chase
    Swamp buggies (where they were originally!!)
    Water Splash (behind the Globe),
    The Log Flume

    On that point what happened to the shows during the day, a couple of years ago you could get a wrist-band for £25 including all rides and a daytime show for free… all the shows are gone but the price has gone up. Not very business savy…these people!

    Also, why charge people £5 in….it defeats the purpose!. if the park is free to enter, people (including my 60 year old parents who always frequented the park) will come in spend some money on food, drink, shows etc. By charging £5 in so many people are being put off coming into the park… and loosing out on a massive potential revenue stream…. pointless, absolutley pointless.

    Bring back the Derby Baths!!!

  12. i remember the ranger, i think it replaced the virginia reel, which i loved!! but i was only about 6 at the time so i may be wrong, also loved the cyclone, tokyo express, the whip, and a ride inside, not sure what it was called but i think it was in the white tower and you sat in something that resembled a theatre curtain LOL, also loved the double big wheel and the haunted swing . . the list is endless lol

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