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Queue Jumping – The worst enemy of theme parks

If there’s one thing that annoys enthusiasts more than wasps at theme parks it’s queue jumpers, the people that can’t read the huge “NO QUEUE JUMPING” signs and the ones at the back of the queue when god handed out brains. These people young and old seem to have no morals or respect for other people.

Even worse are the parks that plainly refuse to do anything about this annoying, rude and disrespectful practice that happens so commonly, even though its spelt out on the signage queue jumping will not be tolerated.

I have experienced this all over the world and heard numerous excuses for this behavior.

I needed to go to the toilet.

Well why didn’t you think of that before entering the queue, allot of parks display queue times and the ones that don’t; well you can get an idea of how long a queue is just by taking a couple of minutes to study a queue line, its no excuse.

I saved a space for someone.

Why didn’t you just wait for them to do what they were doing and then join the queue line, as a group 99% of normal people would do this?

One of my local parks Camelot, UK has a no queue jumping policy, which the staff either don’t know about or have very little respect for there employer’s that it’s not enforced. I joined the line for Camelot’s latest coaster Knightmare today (which incidentally was running one train, on its busiest day of the season for far) a short queue line today took 57 minutes from start to finish, which would have been allot more if I and a number of other visitors hadn’t challenged some queue jumpers intent on pushing to the front of the queue to join friends.

I’d seen a queue jumper challenged by a member of RCCGB a young lad who was intent on climbing over a fence to be with friends until he was challenged then he tried to sneak past me instead. The response ‘do you have a problem’ Well actually no I don’t as you aren’t going to get your weedy 7 stone ass past my 15 stone of ‘paid for’ blubber, there isn’t a problem.

The same queue line moments later I witnessed a dad in front of me trying to get his 3 daughters past me in the queue, what was even more surprising was the huge 3ft x 2ft Sign behind him saying ‘no queue Jumpers’ he either couldn’t read or had very little respect for fellow visitors.

I’m going to write to Camelot about this, as it shouldn’t be tolerated why should the paying public have to put up with this as IT is clearly tolerated by the park or they don’t have enough staff to do anything about it. If the later is the case then just drop the signs and lets have a free for all.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has experienced problems like this at parks, not just Camelot I know they are all the same, do you have an opinion on this if so please get in touch and ill publish your comments. The easiest way to get in touch is via the contact page above or drop me an email

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  1. definately agree, esspecially when its a hot day. Im aregular at blackpool pleasure beach, and some people will always jump, mainly the chavs.
    What about infusion you walk down them wide steps going to the quee, ile get someone over taking me, and when you come off the ride you can easily slip under the fence to join the que, and when your walking to the ride you see the people who had just finished riding infusion jump under when your about 10 seconds to the end.

  2. I am so glad that you challenged the queue jumpers. This weekend at Thorpe Park there was no end of groups saving places for their children so that they could get the maximum number of rides without queuing themselves. What does this teach the children, I had quite a few angry children and parents when I would not let anyone push in front of me and my children.

  3. I agree, I went to alton towers and a teenage boy, he looked about 13 was trying to get past me, i’m 11, and I said to him, ‘oi whats your problem?’ and he said to me, you are now move you little piece of sh**, then I said, there’s a queue join the back of it, and he said just f*** off, and to that I said, same to you, and then we were swearing at each other, and a member of staff came and removed both of us from the line!! I was so mad, I told the staff guy everything, and he let me go back in the queue, but i was still mad, because i was in the queue for 13 for about an hour and a half, and near to the end aswell, and i had to queue up from the beginning :( iI dont think this is fair.

  4. This spoils a day out. Thorpe park for 2 days I reckon 30 people walked past in the queue – we got 7 or 8 kicked off collosos when they got to the front of the queue. and on the Saw Ride (the 2.5 hour queue) 2 people were described over the tannoy and told to leave the queue after being seen on CCTV short cutting a fence. why do I bother trying to teach my kids morals and etiquette when these people just push through. The funniest is when a gang of muscles is trying to impress his dim girlfriend by pushing in – surely he can spend some of his money buying her a fast-track instead. maybe they are locals and think they own their park.

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