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Rhyl’s Waterchute – A Final Look ?

After years of speculation it looks like the fun fair at Rhyl known as Ocean beach has closed its gates for the final time. I visited Rhyl twice in 2006 once at the start of the season and then towards the end of September when most rides had packed up, apart from the obivous 2 steel coasters the water chute was also standing.

A lapse in security allowed me to take a look around the Water chute for what may be the final time.

The water chute was originally brought to Rhyl from Kursaal Amusment park in southend in 1972.

I’ll take a look at the station building and queue lines first.

A view looking into the queue line at the rear of the car.

Looking out to where the cars come into the station.

A couple of shots of the cars.

A close up showing the lap bars.

From just before the cars enter the lift hill.

Parked and ready to go.

The control hut, as a child I often wondered what they did in this box. I always remember someone pulling a giant lever. This picture is taken from the side of the track as the trains come back into the station.

A look into the mysterious box. I like the addition of the electric heater. Apologies for the picture quality (dirty perspex theres nothing worse)

The bar that operates the ride brakes. This is connected to the lever in the control box.

A pump thing. I dont know what it is, looks like it controls water though.

A bit of a closer look at the track coming into the station.

Heres a couple of lift hill shots.

A view from near the control box, looking at the ride.

The splash pool

A bit of theming.

Will the last one out switch off the lights.

And finally to prove I dont break into farigrounds to take pictures.

I took about 300 images over my last two trips to Rhyl once sorted out ill be sure to post them on here.

All images are copyright, if you want to use any please get in touch, where ill be more than happy to share, i have higher resolution copies of all images, to see all the images from this visit, go to the Album

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  1. […] This wasnt open today, I dont know if they have plans for opening or not, im sure it will open at some point nothing seems to have changed since last season with this ride. I recently wrote an article on the chute if you want to see it close up. Rhyls Water Chute I know the words “closed for the final time” need to be removed. […]

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  3. I’ve never been to Rhyl but I have ridden that Water Chute. One of my earliest memories is being terrified and having to be persuaded to go on by parents, aunts, uncles etc at the Kursaal in the early sixties. Delighted to see it still existed. Sad to note that by now it probably doesn’t. Great website!

  4. was this the same one at blackpool pleasuer beach or was thae a different one ? the one at blackpool was dodgey no wonder they knocked it down it didnt look safe

    / \ _
    / \ { { /
    _____/ \____\__/______/ < roller coaster !

  5. very similar yes, not the same one though.

  6. OMG this brings back memories, I was very fortunate to work on the ground for many years. Makes me very sad when I go back to visit family in Rhyl and see an empty space that is full of happy memories.

  7. the water chute cars and machinery is in storage to be restored at dreamland, margate

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