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Backlot Tour, Disney Studios, Disneyland Paris


This is a set of photographs taken during July 2008 of the Back lot tour ride at Disneyland Paris.

The ride is similar to the one at Orlando but the tour doesnt start on foot, each tour is done on the trams which you stay on until you return back to the loading bay.

Each trip lasts about 15 minutes and you have plenty of time for taking pictures during this trip.

I actually preferred this ride to the one we had done previously in Orlando back in Febraury, apart from been allot newer than the Orlando Back lot tour the duration was just right and didnt involve the pre show antics which are featured in Florida.

Disneys Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World Resort Florida

Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Is the third of the Disney theme parks built at Walt Disney World Resort Florida, opened in 1989 originally as Disney’s MGM studios and later renamed in January 2008 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios following a long running legal case with MGM.

The park is 135 acres in size and is layed out in several lands or themed areas around a central core which in this case is a huge sorcerers hat (belonging to Mickey).The park features some major ‘dont miss’ attractions like The Hollywood Tower Hotel and Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster featuring Aerosmith.