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Big Wheel at Liverpool One, Liverpool

IMG_2141I was fortunate enough to get to ride the Big Wheel that has been installed in Liverpool one at the weekend. The wheel sited on Chavasse Park and clearly visible from the Liverpool waterfront will stay at this site until the end of January.

Ride tickets are £6 for adults and kids over 1.4m in height. £5 for concessions and £36 for a private gondola and for the really extravagant £40 for the private VIP gondola. Each gondola seats 6 people apart from the VIP one which only seats 4.

The wheel is 60 metres high but because of its elevated position it stands 80 metres about ground level.

The Wheel takes 10 riggers a week to build and is transported from site to site on 11 trucks.

On the day we rode it the wind was very strong and the gondolas do rock about a fair bit especially a height. but saying that we really enjoyed it and the great views of the city and would definitely ride again on my next visit to Liverpool.

Follow the post below and take a look at the rest of the photographs and video to accompany this.

Yorks Big Wheel

After months of thinking about this wheel and never doing anything about it, I thought it was finally time to get my act together and make the trip up to York and try it for myself.

We couldnt have asked for better weather although cold the skies were blue and there was no sign of any rain. Admission costs are £6 per adult, £4 for children with under 4’s free, you can also hire a pirvate “VIP” pod with tinted windows and a DVD sound system (some people have more money than sense), they say on busy days you could be sat in a pod with strangers but today it was busy (for a Saturday in Jan) and we sat on our own with most pods containing 2 or 3 people. Queue time approx 20 minutes. Im sure it gets mad in the summer 😉