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Yorks Big Wheel

After months of thinking about this wheel and never doing anything about it, I thought it was finally time to get my act together and make the trip up to York and try it for myself.

We couldnt have asked for better weather although cold the skies were blue and there was no sign of any rain. Admission costs are £6 per adult, £4 for children with under 4’s free, you can also hire a pirvate “VIP” pod with tinted windows and a DVD sound system (some people have more money than sense), they say on busy days you could be sat in a pod with strangers but today it was busy (for a Saturday in Jan) and we sat on our own with most pods containing 2 or 3 people. Queue time approx 20 minutes. Im sure it gets mad in the summer 😉

The Queue area, they load a few at a time.

A nice view of the Minster from this height.

Closer up view of the Pods, theres 54 in total.

Looking up before entering the queue line, its impressive.

Some general going round views. it lasts for about 13 minutes.

The wheel is 54 metres high and has a impressive diameter of 50 metres. it weighs 365 tonnes.

Anyone interested in going i would recomend this trip, its on the site of the national railway museum so combine the 2 for a great day out.

any comments please email, Please dont steal the pictures, if you want any just ask

Thanks for reading.

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